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Day: October 10, 2018

Clek Launches the Liing Car Seat, Launching 2019

Newest to the Clek family, the Liing, which is the only infant car seat to offer an effortless secure installation for both the vehicle belt and for the vehicle LATCH (UAS in Canada) system, and a post-installation recline adjustment system. Paired with a metal load leg, the secure install delivers best-in-class safety performance. ARRIVING 2019!

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Save from the Ouch! The Car Seat Key is Your Solution

Do you dread that BIG red button on your child’s car seat? We’ve found a solution for you. The Car Seat Key is your answer! I know I’ve nicked my nails quite a few times buckling my little one into her car seat. This would have been incredibly handy. This handy tool sells for $14.99 […]

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#bigfatlunch Your New Lunch box

#bigfatlunch keeps you healthy by keeping your food at the proper temperature when at school, work, or on the go. Once prepared food becomes room temperature, bacteria rapidly starts to grow, therefore it is extremely important to use a food thermos that works.    

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