Announcing Weecycle Babies & Kids Online Consignment Coming Soon

Finding great deals online for pre-loved baby clothes is hard to come by. When you shop the competition online, you come across not so loved prices. You can purchase an outfit maybe 20% less than the retail value new, not 50%. Wouldn’t you like to shop online and find awesome deals? Since Weecycle Babies & Kids is 100% owned by a husband and wife, there’s no need to pay the big corporate $$$.
With unsatisfied customers sending their used stuff in for cash back with the competition, merely 12 great condition items gets people barely $10. Does that sound fair? That’s less than $1 per item. When you head to the bigger competition, you will see items going for at least $4.00+. Weecycle’s is the next big online kid’s consignment where you will find picks starting at $1.99 with reduced shipping rates. Who’s ready for the next big thing that actually doesn’t take people for granted? We’re ready for a change when it comes to buying and selling used baby and kid clothes.

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