bigstock_Mother_with_baby_learning_to_c_6379197If you’re lucky enough to have a home filled with sumptuous carpets, or unlucky enough to be severely lacking in laminate – whichever way you look at it, we suppose – the chances are cleaning your floors is a job you put off until you can bear it no longer. In fact, so many householders are content with neglecting their carpets that it isn’t until it’s too late that they even notice there’s a problem; by this time it will take a professional and a lot of elbow grease to rescue a grubby carpet from the depths of despair. The great news, though, is that there is something to be done about your carpets’ cleanliness – it just takes a little maintenance throughout the year.
Prevention is always better than a cure
As the old adage goes, prevention is better than a cure and, when it comes to carpet cleaning, taking the time to undertake smaller jobs is always better than waiting until it becomes an insurmountable chore. For example, keep on top of spills, but always blot, rather than rubbing; don’t wait until a substance has soaked into, and stained, your carpet, and always gently dab mess rather than working it in further. It’s also a really good idea to keep on top of your vacuuming, particularly in areas of ‘high traffic’, aiming to complete a thorough clean at least once a week to lift dirt, keep carpets looking fresh, and prevent grime build-up. Be sure to move your furniture, though, or you’ll end up with uneven, and discolored, patches of carpet. If you’d like to keep mess to a minimum invest in a walk-off mat, which will enable your entire family, plus guests, to shake off dirt before it’s traipsed into your carpet. You could also make certain areas of your home a shoe-free zone too, banishing mess for good.
Accidents will happen
Accidents do happen, and it’s essential to deal with them quickly and cleanly. Did you know that many household items can be just as effective, if not more so, than branded carpet cleaners? Vinegar, club soda, shaving foam, and dishwasher detergent can all be used on stubborn stains and greasy spots, while ice cubes are good at lifting chewing gum out of carpets. Spilled hot wax? No problem! Simply apply heat by using an iron, using a towel to protect your carpet from direct heat, and your iron from the melting wax. Simple!
Of course, sometimes it’s nice to sit back, relax, and let the professionals get on with the hard work, particularly if your carpets are well overdue for a spring clean. Calling in a team of carpet cleaners can work out a little more expensive than doing it yourself, but will achieve a result beyond your wildest dreams; you may even have forgotten what your carpets true color is. Now, having your carpets cleaned properly doesn’t have to be a regular occurrence; aim for once or twice a year to prevent such a mammoth task each time. In Toronto, carpet cleaning is done quickly and easily by Action ChemDry, a company that offers a reliable, professional, service – it always pays to conduct your own research when it comes to hiring in the professionals, though, and you should never accept a quote given over the phone without a company seeing your home.
Despite covering a wide area of our homes, our carpets are often forgotten about when it comes to cleaning; we do, quite literally, walk all over them. With a little TLC and hard work, though, there is no reason why you shouldn’t maintain a clean and soft carpet throughout the year.

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