simone-sushi-pool-party-02-be39cbd0-ae92-4ded-8752-0ef5e3a822eeSo adorable! The Guncles hosted a sushi themed party for daughter Simone this past June. They shared all the details with US magazine.
Singer Sisters Sweets whipped up cookies and three cakes, while chef Salvador Alvarez Jr. prepared the sushi.  Regarding the decor,  Masterson had stayed up until 5 a.m. spray-gluing pages from kids coloring books onto a foam board for a dessert-table backdrop!  It turned out amazing!
Who was the special character? Donutella brought tokidokii themed  Ju-Ju-Be duffel bags filled with tokidoki treats, a ZoLi bottle, a LILLEbaby doll carrier and craft kits. “All the kids flipped out!” said Horn.

Image Copyright: Troy Harvey

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