Did Britax B-Agile Take BabyJogger's Design?

As a real mom blogger, I’ve don’t have a dishonest bone in my body. If I feel that a company has stolen another companies design, I’m going to say something. Regarding the Britax B-Agile stroller line, there’s too much in common with the Baby Jogger City Mini line.
There’s several bloggers; including MonstersFunHouse that have blogged numerously about how the B-Agile stroller has so much in common with City Mini. What is your take on the lawsuit? Is BabyJogger being too harsh? Do you think that Britax really did rip off their design? You be the judge. Comment below.
BabyJogger commented on the lawsuit:
“through its use, adoption, appropriation and/or copying of the City Mini Trade Dress, without authorization, Britax is attempting to ‘catch up’ with an established competitor, Baby Jogger, and is misleading, deceiving and/or confusing consumers in the marketplace as to the source, origin, sponsorship or approval of the B-Agile stroller.” In addition, the suit alleges that “Britax began using an advertisement for its B-Agile stroller that mimicked a long-running advertisement by Baby Jogger showing how the quick-fold technology of the City Mini works,” resulting in “consumers [] expressing uncertainty and confusion regarding the source of the B-Agile stroller, whether Baby Jogger had authorized the B-Agile design, and whether Baby Jogger had licensed Britax to make the B-Agile stroller, among other things.”

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