Featured Mompreneur: Stacy Dallman of Paci Plushies

Who is Stacy Dallman? Stacy Dallman created an ingenious solution for “disappearing pacifiers”, when she and her husband, former NHL Defensemen Kevin Dallman of the Los Angeles Kings, found themselves at wits end over constantly searching for their toddler daughters missing pacifiers. Thus, Paci Plushies was born.
Paci-Plushies are quickly becoming a hit for babies and toddlers of all ages. The innovative line of plush toys attach directly to over 200 styles of pacifiers, making the pacifier easier for baby to find, effortless for mom to locate around the house and natural for babies to grasp onto and bring up to their mouth. The attachment of a silicone “Hug Ring” allows for pacifiers to be removed from the toy for sanitation or replacement, and allows picky pacifier users to continue using their preferred brand of pacifier.

Stacy Dallman and Daughter Ava Dallman


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