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Get Them Set for Spring in Cool Cotton and Cashmere

Get set for Spring with cool and fashionable cotton and cashmere.
Get Set for Spring in Cool Cotton and Cashmere

When you’re an active kind of kid, your clothes need to be comfortable, easy to move in and easy to care for.  Mum wants you to stay warm, keep cool and look great, all in one go – it’s no easy task for the stylish family on the move – and as the weather warms up, outdoors is the way to go!

Cotton clothing is the versatile answer for fashionable looks this season – when the weather heats up, but the kids won’t keep still, a fresh, cotton based outfit ensures even the most active boys and girls keep fresh and sweat free.
Slogan t shirts are still big for Spring & Summer 2013, ensuring that cool-conscious pre teenager will find something to their taste, with band logo’s and character sayings all the rage. All affordable cotton looks mean that Mama won’t be shelling out too much when taste in music dictates a change in style either!
100% cotton clothing is also perfect for kids with more sensitive skin – especially those younger tots just getting used to the sunshine or warmer climes for the first time – nasty rashes or blotches can be avoided with the use of natural fabrics which are easier to move in too. With Organic clothing ranges for Children becoming more and more popular, there is plenty of choice on the fashion front too for those who need to be careful with fabrics and allergies.
Linen is another natural fabric, perfect for young skin, and a myriad of style solutions and pretty pieces to keep even the most style savvy families happy. Linen is the fabric of choice to help children stay cool, but still look fabulous – keeping Mum happy and those family snapshots picture perfect.
When the sun goes down, we need a practical alternative to those winter woolies. This is where cashmere sweaters and cardigans really come into their own. Light and luxurious, cashmere is thin enough to carry around and layer, yet this natural wool is perfect to take the evening chill away without being frumpy or bulky over the kids warmer weather outfits. Cashmere cardigans and jumpers are also a durable and practical investment. The material travels well, doesn’t wrinkle and is long lasting; it actually becomes softer with age and rarely pills after being worn and washed.
With todays hectic lifestyle, the outdoor family time that Spring affords is for relaxing and winding down, by dressing our kids in the most comfortable of fabrics, we can ‘beat the heat’ and keep them warm with no sacrifice on style this season.

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