Happy Heinys

Information on One Size Diapers from Happy Heiny’s:The Happy Heinys Organic One Size Pocket Diaper has been born from numerous requests for special diaper manufacturing of a pocket diaper with a natural interior. At this time there are no inserts included with these diapers. The hemp lining is fully absorbent. When combined with any insert of choice, this diaper has proven itself to be a bullet proof over-night product.Our Organic One Size is made with Organic Hemp/Cotton vs. Bamboo/Cotton. The reason we have continued to use Hemp over Bamboo is due to the actual unnatural properties of Bamboo. Hemp is truly antimicrobial and anti-fingal which decreases the chances of rash. Hemp is also more durable and absorbent then cotton alone.Just a little tid-bit of information: Earlier this year the FTC released a statement which is: In its August 11 press release, the FTC said the “bamboo-based textiles, actually made of rayon, are not antimicrobial, made in an environmentally friendly manner, or biodegradable.” Due to the manufacturing process of Bamboo the bamboo is converted into a rayon material and it LOSES ITS ANTIMICROBIAL & BIODEGRADABLE PROPERTIES. So with Bamboo you are paying for an organic material that touts wonderful properties but unfortunately it has been proven by the FTC that this is in fact untrue.www.happyheinys.com

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