Holt and Lulu Fall 2012 Collection

Who is Holt and Lulu?
The names of our future little rug rats.
Holt = my hubby’s middle name.
A family name for many generations past.
Lulu = a nickname I had for 2.5 seconds that I wish stuck.
Holt and Lulu is inspired from the love of all things fashion and rooted from the love of all children. They exude the way we all should live: Free spirited, curious and adventurous.
Based in Seattle, Washington, home of the socks with sandals guy, Holt and Lulu came into fruition in 2010. With the birth of my two nephews, niece and godsons, I realized how much life children bring into the mundane world of adults. My 71-year old dad, swings on the monkey bars for goodness sake!
After 10 fabulous years with Nordstrom and the encouragement of my wonderful husband, I was able to join my love for children with my devotion for fashion to make really cool clothes in really little sizes.
The goal is to let kids be kids, fashionably. Always keeping function in mind, Holt and Lulu designs are clean and modern with an edge. It’s not about following trends but providing effortless style. Holt and Lulu represents urbane moms and dads of today, making parenting with style, easy.
Proudly made in USA. Holt and Lulu promotes healthy work environments and creating personal relationships.

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