Lotus_Crib_open_sleeping_-_shopify_product_1024x1024The Gauva Family introduced a new addition to their family – the Lotus Everywhere Crib. The Lotus Crib has a price drop to $189.95 on the Guava Family store. The Lotus Everywhere Crib has several cool features including:

  • 15 Second set-up, backpack portability, fits as a carry-on, use it EVERYWHERE
  • Breathable ClearView Mesh allows for full airflow and an unobstructed view of the child, even when the side is zipped up. The mesh sides go all the way down to the mattress to create a safe, breathable sleep environment.
  • No PVC, Phthalates, Lead or PBE/PBDE Flame Retardants. ASTM F406-11B approved.
  • 42″ x 24″ mattress, 25″ deep. 11 lbs crib weight.
  • Fun side door makes it much more than a crib…it’s a perfect, fun, comfortable play area for your little one.
travel crib non toxic Safe 
No Phthalates. No Lead. No PBE or PBDE Flame Retardants. The Lotus also features completely breathable ClearView Mesh all the way down to the mattress on each side. This allows for full airflow and an unobstructed view of your child, even when the side is zipped up. The Lotus also conforms to ASTMF406.
travel crib fast setup Fun for you and your Little One
Imagine what it would be like if your child didn’t think of their crib as a prison, and instead a place to play & laugh. Nothing makes us happier than to see how much fun the little ones have in the Lotus. We won’t blame you for climbing in with them either…
washable travel crib Machine-Washable Cover
Spit up. Slobber. Drool. It’s only a matter of time. Fortunately the Lotus cover is removeable and machine washable. Simply unzip each of the four sides, unclip the feet and throw it in the wash. It’s easy to have a clean environment for your little one, no matter where you are.
baby travel bed Sleek & Modern
The Lotus is beautiful. Beautifully simple, beautifully portable… just plain beautiful. In addition to beautiful functionality, we have spent a lot of time making sure all of the design details are done just right. Clean lines, art-inspired graphics and logos, soft textured fabrics, and modern colors are among many of the things that make the Lotus stand above other travel cribs and portable cribs.
portable travel crib Light & Portable
The Lotus is so easy to use and easy to take with you, you will want to use it everywhere…places you never would even consider taking more traditional portable cribs simply because they are too bulky & heavy. Use the Lotus at home, at a friends house for dinner, or even in the airport terminal (it fits as a carry-on). The Lotus is more than a travel crib. It’s an Everywhere Crib.
easy portable crib Easy to Use
The Lotus is amazingly simple to set up. Simply unfold the legs, pull it out of the bag, open it up, and place the mattress into the base. The top rail locks automatically. It can be done in under 15 seconds. To pack it, simply squeeze the rails where indicated by the arrows to fold the top rail. Each leg unlocks and folds with a light tug. Very quick. Very simple.

image copyright: Guava Family

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