Today, Itzy Ritzy introduced the next big thing in nursing, the Nursing Happens™ Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf.
You can easily transform from a trendy scarf to a soft, breathable nursing cover. The cover is designed to be convenient and easy to use with no snaps, buckles, or complicated wrapping required. What’s awesome about the scarf? It unwraps from a double-looped infinity scarf around the neck to a single loop that drapes over the shoulder for feedings. It also provides full coverage for nursing moms and comfort for their precious babies.
Itzy Ritzy’s Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf allows mother and child the opportunity for skin-to-skin bonding while nursing or bottle feeding. You can choose from 3 prints including: Blue Skies Chevron, Charcoal Haze Chevron & Pink Kiss Chevron. Made of high-end jersey knit material, you can grab one yourself for $24.99 today online at Itzy Ritzy’s online store or several retailers across the USA.

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