There’s nothing more simpler and cute than a teddy bear attached to a pacifier. BinkiBear has come out with an adorable classic teddy bear with the hand attached to the pacifier. You can grab an adorable Original Binki Bear for $15.00.

The BinkiBear is the all in one solution to the pacifier! BinkiBear makes the pacifier easier to use, and easier to get rid of! *Makes pacifier easy for baby to find, hold, and use without help *Makes pacifier easier for mommy and daddy to keep up *Uses ANY pacifier on the market, without adapters *Helps baby sleep better – baby can find and use pacifier during sleep without help – less searching for pacifier means better sleep for EVERYONE *Weaning is faster and easier – weaning is aided by the teddy bear – using on/off method, baby experiences less stress during weaning *PATENTED design is safe for baby – nothing in front of baby’s face, BinkiBear lays safely on shoulder – NO plastic clips that could become choking hazards – no extra pieces to distract from the most comfortable experience *Machine Wash and Dry Available in 4 colors! – classic brown – fuchsia pink – baby blue – soft green *100% cotton inside and out.

1. Thread the loop through the ring, tab hole, or vent hole of the pacifier. For more specific information on where to thread the loop, check out the how-to videos on
2.  Open the loop and thread the pacifier back through.
3.  Tighten as desired!

Adorable teddy bear pacifier attachment by BinkiBear for boys and girls.
Teddy Bear Pacifier Attachment by BinkiBear

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