This is probably my first post back in awhile. I wanted to make sure that I don’t neglect this blog anymore. I have had a lot of personal things go on in the year 2016. Starting this coming week, I plan on writing here more often. What does this pic mean to me? My son Kenton found Dory on our hospital trip during the premiere of Finding Dory! See, Finding Dory was something grandma wanted to go see with her grand kids. She got a heart attack the week of Finding Dory release. We decided to finally visit grandma a few days after when she was more awake. Upon arriving at our hospital, we noticed that they got 3 new family members in their fish tank near the ER.
My son Kenton found Dory! Along with Dory were her pals Nemo & Marlin as well! He was so excited he wanted to take a picture.

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