Kenton has been a finding Dory nut ever since the official release of the movie earlier this summer. This birthday party is a big one. Kenton is turning 5 August 2nd! Why does this date ring a bell with our family? It was the date my grandmother passed away in 1999. Bittersweet day.
Kenton’s getting ready for Kindergarten and he’s officially a BIG boy! Previous summers we couldn’t really afford to give Kenton an official BIG birthday, so we’re setting up a quick post about it. How would I make his birthday special?  Write a post about it of course! I thought about one simple idea. Giving him a wonderful birthday with birthday cards from complete strangers. With all this madness going on, how sweet would this be?
So what does Kenton want for his 5th Birthday party? Finding Nemo & Dory Birthday Cards. (Seriously, this kid is a Finding Dory/Nemo nut.)
In this picture below, we visited his grandmother in the ICU right upon the release of Finding Dory. My husbands mother suffered a heart attack. Our kids went through some terrible stress worrying about their grandmother. What was comforting during all this madness? Seeing Dory & Nemo (Marlin too…of course) at our local hospitals fish tank. How neat is that.
If you would like to send something, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will give you the address to send. Thanks!


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