Lil Obsessions: Loopy Gear Baby Rattle Holder Keeps Toys at Bay

The 5 second rule definitively doesn’t apply to us, why should it ever apply to babies? Founding mom, Nicole Bartet Lofald and her adorable 3 month old son Luc, invented Loopy Gear to prevent her son from dropping his baby rattles.
How It All Began:

“It might seem incredible, but The Loopy was invented by then three month old Luc Lofald! Baby Luc would be given a rattle, play with it for five seconds, stare his mother directly in the eyes and throw it to the dirty ground. He would giggle. Sure, he loved to watch his toy fall, but he had something bigger in mind. He knew that his mother, Nicole Bartet Lofald, would tolerate washing his toy and repeating the cycle only so many times! He needed her to invent a stylish and functional way to keep his rattle close at hand and off the ground and this is the only way he could think to teach her. Drop. Mom washes the rattle. Drop. Mom looks at Luc. “I think she’s got it!”, Luc says to himself. Mom breaks out her sewing machine. The Loopy was born! Since that fateful day Luc’s invention has been loved by moms and babies all over the world and has blossomed into a growing company. Luc is proud, he now shares his wisdom of Loopys with his twin sisters…and everyone’s a bit more Loopy now.”

You can go over to Loopy Gear online and purchase these adorable bracelets for $15.99

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