Hi guys! It’s Jaclyn here. In all my time blogging on here on Superstar Babies, I’ve never created a personal post about my family. I once mom blogged back in 2010-2011, I did however give that up to blog more about fashion trends and talk about the latest celebrity news. For my opening post, I wanted to talk about my 4 year old daughter Emma. Since she was born, she’s been my little trendsetter. She’s the inspiration that pushed me to want to learn about the latest in baby fashion. For this post, I am going to show Emma’s fashion throughout the years and watch my baby grow up immensely. Enjoy! Coming up next Kaitlyn’s (Emma’s little sister) fashion post.

Brands spotted in pictures: Baby Agoo (pink coat below), Olive Juice Kids Grey Dress (Emma wearing pink headbow) and Zutano Kids (Spotted below with striped long sleeve shirt).


Emma Photoshoot July 089

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