Kiinde Breastfeeding Kit from TargetKiinde today launched a new starter kit – the “Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Essentials Kit,” available exclusively online at for $29.99. This is a savings from the regular $39.99 starter kit and a great value! This Breastfeeding Essentials Kit gives you everything you need to get started with the award-winning Twist breastfeeding system.
This kit contains:
– Twist Pouches (6)
– all Direct-Pump adapters (for all major pump brands)
– Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle (1)
– Slow Flow Active Latch Nipple with Case (1)
– Medium Flow Active Latch Nipple with Case (1)
– Fast Flow Active Latch Nipple with Case (1)
– Nipple Brush (1)
– This special kit also includes a free Foodii gift pack.

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