Charlotte Dress by Pink Chicken on
Charlotte Dress

Here at Superstar Babies we’re sooo in love with Pink Chicken! Why may you ask? Pink Chicken has been a big fan of celebrities including Tori Spelling, Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry. We had a chance to head over to Pink Chicken’s website to look at the latest Spring & Summer fashions. The Charlotte Dress was adorable and our favorite. What you’ll notice about Pink Chicken is they love to feature very cute  patterns & colors. With all the pink, yellows and blue’s it will be sure to get heads turning for Spring!
Stacey Fraser started Pink Chicken in 2006. Creating her own line was the culmination of a 15 year career involved in every aspect of children’s clothing design, working with companies ranging from Ralph Lauren, babyGap, Tommy Hilfiger, and Old Navy. With her two daughters as her everyday inspiration, Stacey created a line of clothing that reflects her love of joyful patterns and casual easy dressing for girls and their mothers. In 2011 Pink Chicken Tween was hatched, a ‘tween line for every Pink Chicken’s big sister. – Pink Chicken “About Us”

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