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Save from the Ouch! The Car Seat Key is Your Solution

October 10, 2018

Do you dread that BIG red button on your child’s car seat? We’ve found a solution for you. The Car Seat Key is your answer! I know I’ve nicked my nails quite a few times buckling my little one into her car seat. This would have been incredibly handy. This handy tool sells for $14.99 and seems to worth every penny. It comes in a key-chain format so you can attach to your keys. We are in love!

The Car Seat Key is an amazing tool you can use in your day to day life. It allows you to press in that dreaded red car seat button with ease and release your child from their car seat without suffering from aching hands or broken nails.
Simply slide it over the buckle and with slight pressure (Voilà) its opened! We have tested our product on every car seat on the market and it has worked with ease!


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