1100_story_traveling_with_babyGoing on vacation with a baby or young child can be fun and exciting, but it can also be a lot of hard work if you’re not properly prepared. There are some simple ways in which you can make the break more enjoyable.
Make it a fun trip
The journey to your destination doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you plan ahead. Flying can be less stressful if you plan around the children. For instance, choosing a night flight may mean they are more likely to sleep. Pack all the essentials such as food, activities and nappies in your carry-on luggage. Make sure that you have some new toys and games to keep them occupied, but don’t bring everything out at once.
If you’re travelling by car, plan regular breaks to stop children getting bored and enable everyone to stretch their legs. Again, by setting off early or late, the journey might be easier if the children are asleep. Along the way you can play games, have a variety of music to listen to or take portable DVD players or tablets for the children to watch their favorite programs.
Going to the beach
If you’re planning a beach vacation with children there are some important elements you need to consider to make the break safer and enable you to enjoy yourselves more.
It’s useful to put sun cream on before you leave your accommodation, as it has time to absorb and is less hassle than applying it when on the sand. Have your children wear UV protective clothing as well, as this provides greater protection and won’t wear off. If you have very young children, bringing your own sunshade is helpful. This gives them somewhere to eat their food and shades them from the afternoon sun.
Getting to the beach early is a good idea. It won’t be as busy and you can be ready to go when it gets too hot. When you’re leaving make sure you have some clean and dry clothes for them to put on. Baby powder is extremely helpful at removing stuck on sand, without the usual tantrums.
Great familyfriendly destinations
If you’re searching for an ideal family beach destination, then Florida has a great variety of places from which to choose. It offers you year-round sunshine, enabling you to travel out of the peak season when it’s not as busy.
There are some fantastic family-friendly resorts in Florida, including Bluegreen Resorts at TradeWinds. This resort provides a range of family centered amenities and activities, including crafts, games, a children’s pool and a choice of food outlets. It is situated right on the beach at St Petersburg.
Bluegreen also has a number of other resorts in Florida, including St Augustine, Orlando, Daytona Beach and Fort Myers, alongside beach-based resorts in the Bahamas, South Carolina and Massachusetts.
Taking your first family vacation can be a daunting prospect. However, if you plan where and when you travel, you can make the whole experience more enjoyable and have a fantastic break with your family.

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