I’ve been severely neglecting my blog the past couple of years. Well, I’m back for now! With 2016 here, I wanted to have a brand new start to all my ventures. I opened a brand new Etsy  store where I sell my digital artwork. My store is 100% purely digital. You can purchase something there and immediately download the PDF for printing. In the near future I plan on being prints as well. I recently started practicing positivity and wanted to incorporate that into my designs. My new wall art will have inspirational, motivational and witty humor as well.
You can check my store out Sophie Designs Wall Art Seattle.
I’m back on the blog once again. I took 2015 off for some personal time to refocus on what’s important. 2016 is the year I am committed to getting this blog up and going again. To celebrate once again with the grand opening of the blog & the new Etsy store, I have another downloadable freebie. I made this one for the grand opening of my store. 🙂 Enjoy!

>>> download here <<<


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