imagesI finally decided I would do a post about paying it forward as a mom blogger. With my 4 year anniversary as a mom blogger approaching, I’ve got to say that I have grown into a better person because of blogging. While I’m nothing huge & not very influential (yet), I’ve gone through the good, bad and the ugly. I wanted to share some experiences and thank those along the way.


I’ve met some amazing moms who are there to support one another. I didn’t take blogging truly serious until this year to be completely honest. Before this blog, I was ONLY a review blogger from 2009-2011. That’s all I was. I received over $4,000 in merchandise and didn’t grow my brand. I wasted my years just reviewing products without realizing what being a mom blogger should be about. I also landed an at-home position blogging & creating a social community for a brand that remains unnamed.
There was something this year that happened to my family that caused me to stop blogging. My husband got into a pretty bad car accident and lost his employment due to his injuries. When I was hit the lowest, one particular mom blogger (a very influential one to be honest), decided to use her Zulily credit to help those moms who are truly in need. She sent my daughter dresses  & a tutu so she could wear something special for Preschool. 🙂


Being a mom blogger is super hard. The free stuff sounds appealing at first, but once your house begins to look like an episode of Hoarders, things aren’t as fun as they may seem. It’s great getting the latest products to review. For each review, prepare hours upon hours of studying the product in hand before you write up the review. Also, don’t forget to add time for writing and editing the post. Lastly, promotion of the post in my opinion is what is the most time consuming. Building a social following from the ground up is a huge struggle.


When I first began blogging, I realized that blogging is like a whole new universe. Back then, everything was new to me and overwhelming. I decided to reach out to other fellow mom bloggers thinking I would get some advice on what mom blogging IS. I got a reply fairly fast from one of the mom bloggers that was extremely rude and unpleasant towards me. To me, I was a little offended considering I was a reader on her blog for at least 3 months before I decided to reach out. I would comment and follow her family on a daily basis practically. It wasn’t until mid 2010 this certain mom decided to head to my own blog and make a rude remark on Twitter instead of being supportive. Somewhere between I was just another mom blogger wannabe and copying other moms. It wasn’t until that I had finally had enough of trying to reach to a certain niche of mom bloggers. Why the bullying attitude? What had I done wrong to offend this mom? Those we’re some of the questions I always asked myself where did I go wrong.
This post finally took 3 years to write considering some of the experience I went through to get here. My advice to moms just starting out in the blogosphere is to research, research and more research. There’s new blogs being created on an hourly basis. There’s several moms in different kind of niches. You’re bound to find a blog for practically everything you can think of.

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