Keep them warm and hip by taking note of these tips

kids-fashion-trends-1As the snow begins to fall in some parts of the globe, parents will find themselves bundling up their kids in winter coats and wellingtons more often than they’d like. Making snowmen and snow angels, and even having snowball fights outside, winter is an exciting time for kids — and don’t let us get started on how eagerly they await Santa! But bundling up doesn’t necessarily mean just wearing whatever’s warm — make sure your kids are toasty, and trendy to boot!
Lots of celebrity parents have gone into designing baby clothes, so you won’t have any problem finding nice outfits at your local store. The Irish Independent reports that even new mom Kim Kardashian is planning to develop a baby clothing line for her little Nori. Efforts to make sustainable lifestyles the norm have also pushed designers to create eco-friendly clothing, so eco-conscious parents can breathe easily. In line with their plans to become the first carbon neutral company, M&S Kids pledged to be the first fully traceable kids’ clothing line on the market, producing children’s clothes made from fairtrade cotton and wool.
And wool is the key if you’re to keep your kids warm this season! Knitwear is a strong force in this year’s winter trends.’s advice is to invest in different cardigans and sweaters, since “free knit is going to be the hottest trend of this season as well as various rhombs, stripes and cones.”
Faux fur is another big hit this year, as the texture is ideal for the season. As puts it: “Faux fur provides a sense of richness while keeping your baby warm, and luxury fabrics look great whether you are attending a big social event or posing for a family photograph.” Faux fur is great as trimmings on coats and in trapper hats, and your kids will surely love the soft texture.
Lastly, color blocking is important! The dull backdrop of the winter is a great complement to brightly colored outfits. Dress your kids in cheerful colors that depict the festivities ahead. It’s also a great way to bond with your child, as you can have them choose the design and color of their coats!

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